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Technical Specification
Type 80 - Folding Partition Walls
Type 100 - Operable Partition Walls
Type 100 - Glass Series
Type Frameless Glass Series
Modern Partition System Products - Type 100 Glass Series

MODWAL manufactures Glass Operable Wall system in 100mm thick panels ranging in acoustic performance from 40db to 45db.
An Acoustic glass operable wall need a method of acoustically opening and closing the panels.

Door panel suitable for most applications and preferred option on a standard height walls. The last panel is a full height door hinged off the fixed jamb. Typical door width is 800 – 900mm.

Expanding Panel: This panel has a over sleeve that can be expanded side ways to lock the panels in place. Because of internal mechanism this type of panel can only be made in MDF finish with a selected finish which matches the glass as closely.

MODWAL Movable Glass partitions allow natural light to fill an interior space with providing space flexibility with your chances of glass such as clear, frostered or full translucent itched etc Clients are now using Glass partitions to offices, store fronts, restaurants, lobbies etc creating secure flexible spaces.

Table of the Style 100 Glass Partition Series Parameters


Basic Material

Hoisting Weight (Kg/m2)

Sound Insulation Coefficient (STC)

Frame Material

Retractable Range of Top/Bottom Seals (mm)

Partition Dimension (mm)

of Doors

(Min / Max)

(Min / Max)



Toughened Glass / Laminated Glass
(Double Glazed)


40 db



600 / 1000

2000 / 3000


Single-Jamb or Panel Hinged
Movable operable partition walls Movable operable partition walls Movable operable partition walls
Movable operable partition walls Movable operable partition walls Movable operable partition walls
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