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Technical Specification
Type 80 - Movable Operable walls
Type 100 - Acoustic and Glass Operable Walls
Type 100 - Glass Series
Type Frameless Glass Series
Modern Partition System Design

A) Partition face finishes design
1. The face finishes are made to coordinate ceiling style and the surrounding decoration, face finishes can be made by customer in field, or made by MODWAL factory.

2. Custom face finishes: Melamine board, high-pressure laminate, wood veneer, wall paper, wall fabric (with sponge or without sponge), color steel plate.


B) Partition stacking design

1. Paired panels for more simple and quick stacking 2. Individual panel for more flexibility stacking
Paired panels for more simple and quick stacking Individual panel for more flexibility stacking
3. Normal stacking methods
Normal stacking methods
C) Connection design
D) Track and trolley
Track and trolley
Track and trolley
E) Type of intersection
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